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“ I was recently involved in a car accident that was not my fault and received £3000. Thanks for all the help"

R Jackson London


Motor Accident Compensation

Compensation claims for accidents in cars and motorbikes

We specialise in car accident and motorbike accident claims. This means you get a focused team of legal professionals giving you the best chance for 100% Compensation. Click the green arrow to the right to read more about the claims process.

Motor Accident Claim Process

First : you need to give us details of the circumstances of the motoring accident and injury as well as the sequence of events. You can do this online or in writing by post.

Then: We’ll assess these details and decide whether we think you have a reasonable chance of successfully claiming compensation.

Next We’ll put you in touch with one of the experienced, specialist personal injury solicitors we’ve used very successfully in the past. In the vast majority of cases the solicitor will be local to you.

Motor Accident Claim Process . . Continued

You will then have a free face to face meeting with your solicitor, who will ask you questions and record all the information he judges to be relevant.

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